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Sex Advice by Agony Allan – How do I talk dirty?

RedTubes Allan LakeHere is today’s email to Agony Allan:

Hey Allan,

According to my wife, I don’t know how to talk dirty during sex. I am usually just quiet when we fuck but my wife has always been vocal. We have only been married a year and I don’t want her to think I’m getting boring already. Teach me!

Thanks for the message. I don’t think you should talk dirty if you don’t want to. I certainly don’t make much noise during sex, although my wife is sometimes pretty vocal. But if you actually feel like trying it, then the art is to not think about what you are saying… use you inner¬†monologue¬†out loud! Or in other words, say what you are thinking!

If you want to make yourself more comfortable saying naughty things out loud, have some fun with it! Perhaps read some erotic stories to her one night, take turns… That will relax the mood!

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