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Pornstar Nyomi Banxxx with Allan LakeI’ve been writing Agony Allan’s on the blog for a while, people will email me with their questions asking for sex tips or sex advice and I try to help them. Last week, I posted a question from a guy who has major anxiety with girls but also a high opinion of his looks, you can read the post by clicking here. Just to show you that my advice really isn’t worthless, check out this email I received from the same guy today:

Hey Allan. I’m the guy who wrote you with the anxiety/ego issue. I just wanna thank you for your time and advice. I know if I read my email I’d ignore such a douche. You seem like a really decent, well-grounded guy and I hope I can be even half the man you are someday. I’m actually a humble guy with a serious girl problem, and it meant alot to me that you took the time to care. You made a fan outta me, and if I ever get lucky based on your advice you’ll get some mail.

Agony Allan is working so well that my future responses will be in video form! And you will be able to check them out on my new RedTube Community page! So please, keep you emails coming in, just use my contact form!

Allan Lake
Your RedTube Blog Host!

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