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RedTube Blog Poll Results: Sex Tapes I wanna see!

Allan Lake at the AVN ExpoEveryone enjoys a good sex tape… RedTube is full of them, but a celebrity sex tape is something else. Seeing someone that is so protective over their naked body, suddenly you can see the whole thing! We did a poll on who you would like to see a sex tape from and here are the results:

Sex Tapes I wanna see:

Katy Perry – 40%

Megan Fox – 32%

Rihanna – 17%

Lady GaGa – 11%

I am not surprised that Lady GaGa came last place, who would want to see that tranny naked? But it was clear that Katy Perry would win, she is something else! She has the most perfect body and I wouldn’t be surprised if Russell Brand had already made a sex tape. I’ve interviewed the guy a few times and I’m sure he would have made one with me if we didn’t run out of interview time!

I have just set a new poll which I want you all to vote in, it’s all about which type of sex you would choose if you could only pick one for the rest of your life!

Allan Lake
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