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RedTubes Allan LakeIf you need sex tips or sex advice, email me via my contact form and I shall help! Here is today’s email:

Hi Allan, Me and a bunch of mates are off to Magaluf for a lads holiday. We have all challenged ourselves to fuck as many different chicks as possible but I am going to surrounded by guys that are a million times more confident than me… How do I keep up with everyone.

Thanks for the email… What lads say and what lads do are two totally differently things… I bet you everyone feels the same as you inside, you shouldn’t let your¬†holiday¬†become a pressure. Go and have fun and yeah, no doubt you will get laid.

If you want more chance of picking up girls in ‘Shagaluf’ make sure you buy them a drink and actually bother speaking to them alone, away from the boys! Girls are not trophies and don’t want to be seen as one… so if you are going to brag to your mates about pulling a chick, do it the next morning once she has gone.

And if you somehow find someone that you feel it is worth holding on to, then forget about the lads and concentrate on that… Don’t let them fuck it up for you!

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