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Sex Advice by Agony Allan – Sex Addiction, I love fucking too much!

RedTubes Allan LakeHey, Agony Allan time with more sex tips and sex advice for anyone that asks for them! If you need help, email me via my contact form. Today’s email is as follows:

Hello Allan,

I am 21 and I think that I might be addicted to sex, I have to fuck everyday… and if I can’t fuck… I jerk off as much as I can. This can’t be healthy?! I have a girlfriend at the moment and she seems to love sex too, but I am worried that if I continue with this addiction I will start wanting to fuck other chicks, not just her. Help me!

Thanks for the email, well yes… you might be addicted to sex but most guys are at 21! I honestly wouldn’t worry about it, sex addiction becomes a problem when it starts affecting your life or others around you negatively. For example, if you are fucking a different chick each night… every night… that can’t be good for you. It seems you and your girlfriend love having sex, so do it as much as you can!

You are worried about wanting to fuck other chicks, I would cross that bridge if you come to it… If you really feel like you need to fuck other girls, then you clearly shouldn’t be with your girlfriend. Dude, you are worrying too much at the moment, you are young… be free and enjoy your so called sex addiction.

Allan Lake
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