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Things Women can learn from Pornstars!

Pornstars are some of the most desirable women on the planet! Men want to be with them and women want to be like them. Here are 4 things you can learn from Pornstars that will make you a Sex Goddess in no time.

Have an open mind – Ever hear of the saying  “Sex is like Pizza. When it’s good,  it’s good  and when its bad, it’s still pretty good!” ? Well if you haven’t there it is. There is no excuse for not trying new things. Engage in a little role playing, spanking…Heck make your own sex tape! Why lose out on potentially having the best sex of your life. There’s no reason to be scared or nervous and your partner will appreciate the spontaneity.


Lubricant is a sex essential – Our body produces juices naturally but some good lube is always a great aid especially when exploring back door love. Making sex more comfortablewill lead to better orgasms. So go the local pharmacy or your favorite sex shop and pick up a bottle.

Romance is not a necessity – Now we’re not saying to open your legs to everyone you see, just get down and dirty once in a while. Sometimes, it’s just fun to have sex, to have sex. Letting loose and really getting fucked can be more fun than fluffy vanilla romance.

Act like you want it – Don’t make excuses or treat sex like a chore on your to-do list. Show a little enthusiasm and engage with your partner by using dirty talk and sexy movements. Act like your partner is the only thing you want to be doing in that moment. Make him or her feel like no one else has ever made you so horny and you’ve never wanted it more.

There you have it some tricks of the trade. Let us know if and how these ideas helped you by leaving a comment on this blog.  

Here’s some Lisa Ann for inspiration:

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