Pornstar of the Month: Eva Angelina

Eva Angelina’s exotic looks are no mystery being of Chinese, Irish, English, and Cuban descent. Angelina got her start in the industry at the age of 18 years old. In her career she has taken home numerous awards for her skills in the sack and has been nominated for almost 20 performances. She has also done some work for mainstream television. In 2010 Eva officially retired from the industry. That being said we still believe she deserves the crown with a whopping 108 videos featured on  She may no longer be filming, but there is definitely no shortage of videos on this babe….The more the better!

***Fun fact: Eva Angelina actually wears prescription glasses. They were not a prop worn in her videos to perceive a sexy, sophisticated Sexretary look.


Here are a few videos of Eva that can be found on Redtube:

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    09 Jun 2014 at 8:16 pm

    My favourite porn star of all time. So hot, does crazy shit all the time, best deepthroater, perfect tits, amazing body… I could go on.

    Btw, yes, she did retire in 2010, but she unretired a couple of years later. I think she has now retired again though 🙁

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