Valentine’s Day: Expectations Vs Reality

Ah, love is in the air! The hallmark holiday that is Valentine’s day is almost here. It’s that time of the year where women’s expectations are at an all time high and men’s wallets are at an all time low.

Whether it is a candle lit dinner, flowers, a box of chocolates or being whisked away to some uber expensive spa relaxation weekend, women are most definitely expecting something other than a baked potato and a re-run of the walking dead on Netflix.

We thought it would be funny to point out the Expectations vs. the Reality of this over hyped holiday.

Without further ado….

Women’s expectation:

He’s going to pretend he forgot what day it is, so all the things he’s planned for tonight will be an even bigger surprise.




Men’s Reality:



Women’s expectation:

There will definitely be a flower delivery service at the office any minute now.


Men’s Reality:

worst idea

Women’s expectations:

You can’t wait to get home from work, because you know he’ll be waiting behind that door with that necklace you’ve been gawking over at the mall.


Men’s Reality:

That moment he realizes what day it is.

oh shit

 Women’s expectations:

He’ll be waiting for you at home with flowers ready to whisk you away for a romantic fun filled evening.


Men’s reality:


Women’s expectation:

Just the thought of the romantic dinner he’s planning makes it nearly impossible to wipe the smile off your face. Who needs restaurants when you’re dating a sexy chef?


Men’s reality:


Women’s expectation:

He convinces you he has something totally crazy planned, so you think he’s going to take you on some kind of extreme dating activity…something fun for the both of us…he’s so amazing!


Men’s reality:


Women’s expectations:

When the nights all over and done he’ll bring you home, passionately sweep you  off your feet and you’ll have the most romantic amazing sex of your entire life.


Men’s reality:


Let’s be honest here, we all set these standards for each other on valentine’s day that are totally unrealistic. Just go with the flow and we’ll all be less disappointed.  So, let’s skip the part where we get annoyed because the day hasn’t turned out how we planned it and just enjoy the company of the people who deal with our crap the rest of the 364 days of the year.

And if all else fails….


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