New Features: Time Sort/Filter for “Longest” Videos and Trending Search Terms

New on RedTube!

New Feature: Time Sort/Filter for “Longest” Videos

As you know, time sort filters have been available on Redtube for quite some time now.  The objective of this feature is to help you find the video you’re looking for as quickly as possible.  To help refine your searches even more, we have added an option to the “sort” drop down list so you may filter by the duration (longest) of the videos.

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New Feature: Trending Search Terms

 We have launched a new trending queries feature to our website.  This new feature can be found on the bottom of the home page.  As seen in the photo below, there is now a list of  trending  search terms based on your location.

Haven’t you ever wondered if people are watching the same thing as you?  Now you can find out what people are getting off to in your country.

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