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New on RedTube: Enhancements To Photo Galleries

We’ve made some updates to our photo galleries!

1. Photo Search –  Photo search has now been made available through your search bar. Click the downward arrow arrow in the search bar and the option to search for photos will appear.


2. Full/Original Resolution Photos – Clicking on images in a gallery will expand the photos to their full/original resolution.

3. Animated GIFS – You can now upload your favorite animated GIFs to Redtube.  This can be done the same way you would upload a regular photo gallery.

Scroll over your username to expand the drop-down list and select “Upload”


Click on “Create a Gallery”


…and VOILA!  Create a new gallery of your favorite GIFs.


GIFs can also be added to your existing albums.

Let us know what you think of these new features in the comments section below or leave your feedback on our feedback board.

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