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Redtube Traffic During Brazil Impeachment Vote

On Sunday, April 17, 2016, the entire country of Brazil waited with bated breath to hear if their congress would vote to impeach President Dilma Rousseff.  At 11pm Brazil time the required number of votes were passed, and the impeachment was official.  Not only were Brazil’s citizens holding their breath, they were holding off on other things as well.  Traffic to Redtube dropped 17% below normal levels in the hours before the official results, and then quickly increased to 20% above normal in the hours following.  This drop in traffic is more important than the decrease of 11% that occurred during the World cup games of 2014, where Brazil faced off against Germany.  On Christmas day, the Redtube traffic typically drops by only 15%. This makes this Impeachment day decrease in traffic is the highest in the history of Brazil.


Brazil is Redtube’s second highest traffic country.  A complete analysis of Brazil’s porn preferences can be read in our recent Redtube & Brazil Insights study.  Similar traffic changes can be seen in our analysis the Scotland Referendum as that country awaiting the results of their own vote.


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