New Channel: Daughter Swap

Father’s Day is here and boy do we have a treat for all you hot daddies this year!  We are pleased to announce the launch of another faptastic channel on RedTube.  This one is called “Daughter Swap“.  Every girl wishes to find a man exactly like their father.  On “Daughter Swap” we get to see how close some of these girls come to finding men that are splitting images of big papa!  These ladies are ready to explore their wild side!  Who better to show them the ropes than a hot daddy who knows the game inside out?

This video takes place on one the most special nights in a girls life… Prom night.  The girls are ready to make their first time special.  What they don’t know is that they are in for the surprise of their lives.   These men are no regular dads.  They greet their daughter’s dates with some good old fashion mafia intimidation tactics.  After letting the boys sweat a little they head off to prom and to no surprise, our young lads are unable to perform.  The virgin teens are now furious and fully aware that this is all their father’s fault!  It’s time for the dads to pay up for their mistakes.  They all swap up and get railed from their besties dads harder than they could have ever hoped for.  Who needs a corsage when you can have loads of daddy cum on your face?

Click below to visit their channel on RedTube


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