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RedTube and Pornhub Launch $100,000 Global Advertising Contest

visitorsRedTube and Pornhub are both leading adult video sharing platforms which feature a variety of exclusive advertisements. With over 20 million visitors per day on Redtube and a whopping 60 million on Pornhub, it’s no surprise that the sites combined provide an audience which can be valuable to a vast array of brands.  Whether it be sex-related advertisements, collabs with doughnut companies or high-end clothing lines, and even blockbuster movie adverts, there’s no doubt scoring some free ad space on these sites is like hitting a home run. All this being said we have co-launched a contest to award $100k in advertising space to any business, startup, creative, self-starter or entrepreneur who has the balls to enter. The contest is opened to everyone! TBH the nature of your company is of little to no importance to us, it’s all about how you can impress our team with your creatives.

For more information on this contest visit

It’s time to grow in size on RedTube and Pornhub. Good luck to you all!



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    08 Sep 2016 at 3:02 pm

    Interesting, good luck to all the contestants. Hope something / someone innovative pops up as a winner.


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