Vixen Welcome’s You To The New Era Of Entertainment

From the creators of Blacked and Tushy, we are pleased to welcome Vixen to RedTube exclusively. Vixen features an outstanding selection of adult films with 4k quality and high-end erotic photography. With an eye for beauty, Vixen only features the most naturally beautiful women in the adult entertainment industry.

In their first ever upload, we have the pleasure of watching Riley and Megan, two naughty teens who are always ready to stir things up. The scene takes place on a scorching hot summer day which leaves them dripping wet. The girls break into their neighbor’s yard and take a dip in his pool to cool themselves down. After a little refreshing swim in the pool, things get a little heated between the two ladies. The neighbor returns home to find them kissing and caressing on his property. Being the temptresses they are, the girls ask him to join in the fun and take things indoors where they continue to pleasure each other. The conclusion of this story is two very satisfied teens and one man whose day took a turn he never expected it to.

Oufff is it just me or is it getting a little hot in here? Enjoy the video below. I know I will.


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