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Redtube Traffic Changes during Ramadan

The evening of Friday, May 26, was the start of a holy Muslim holiday better known as Ramadan. For those who don’t know, Ramadan is a period of fasting and prayer observed by Muslim adults all around the world. RedTube decided to dive in and see how traffic to the site from these countries was affected during this period.   

Of the 82 countries with a Muslim representation of more than 10% of their overall population, a few of them stood out from the crowd. Over the last two weeks countries like Algeria (-65.7%), Morocco (-62.1%) and Lybia (-61.8%) have experienced the biggest drop in traffic on the site. Not incredibly surprising since they are among the top countries with the a large number of Muslim citizens. Some countries with a similarly high Muslim population that showed smaller drops in traffic include Uzbekistan (96% share, 13.13% drop), Kosovo (96% share, -21.5% drop) and Iran (99% share, -22% drop). 

During the hours of fasting (from pre-dawn until dusk), traffic to the site drops to its lowest for the lion’s share of the countries we are looking at. For countries like Morocco, Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia, traffic during these hours falls below -70%, hitting as low at -83%. The bulk of the other Muslim-majority countries see average hourly traffic rates fall closer to -40% or -30% during these hours. Below, there are examples of various traffic patterns experienced on the site. The first chart is an example of a country (Lebanon) with larger average hourly traffic changes occurring during the night. This could be due in part to the fact that Lebanon has a much smaller percentage of practicing Muslims than other countries, like Algeria (the second chat below) whose average hourly traffic changes are biggest during the day. Algeria is among the countries with the highest Muslim representation in its overall population. Finally Bangladesh is a good example of a country whose traffic remains pretty steady throughout the month, regardless of the holiday.   

When Ramadan started after sunset on May 26th, traffic to the site immediately plummeted. The chart below shows the top and bottom four countries, but regardless which you look at, there is a very clear trend in the data. By May 27th, just a few hours after the holiday began, traffic from all Muslim countries had dipped to their lowest. By the following day however, those numbers, started to pick back up. And as the week grew longer, the numbers slowly started to come back up to normal. While traffic still remains extremely low compared to an ordinary day, we can see that by the end of the second week, traffic is starting to normalize again. 

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