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RedTube Gives Back to the Earth With “The Save Water Challenge”

In honor of Earth Day, we would like to give back to our planet, but we need the help of our loyal users.  Did you know every 5 minutes cut from your regular shower time can save 100 litres of drinkable water?  Even a few minute changes to your daily routine can help make a strong impact.  Saving water isn’t easy, but we think we can help you get through the hard times in a fun way with ‘The Save Water Challenge


Available on iOS and Android, ‘The Save Water Challenge’  app will allow users to accumulate points in exchange for a weekly premium membership to RedTube. Once users are ready to jump in the shower, they simply turn on the timer, which automatically stops once the water cuts off.  The app is able to calculate the amount of water saved based on time spent scrubbing down.  The number of points awarded depends on the length of a shower session, the shorter the shower the more points you will receive.  Once users acquire 350 points, they will receive a code for RedTube Premium. 

For more information or to download ‘The Save Water Challenge,’ please visit:

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