Welcome to the brand new RedTube blog! Hosted each and every day by me, Allan Lake.

If you have never heard of me before, I am a broadcaster from England on www.norulesradio.net, known for causing a bit of a stir on the radio over here and getting people talking. And that is exactly what I want us to do together on the new RedTube blog, get talking!

We are all here for one reason, and that is a common interest in the beautiful naked body and watching others use it for what I think it was created for… hot and dirty sex.

For years I have been someone who will secretly look at RedTube, I never discussed it with anyone else. It wasn’t until I got into a frank conversation with some friends one late evening, after a few beers that we all decided watching beautiful pornography is a good thing and we wanted to shout about it! And that’s when I came up with the idea for a blog, dedicated to talking about it, not only on the internet, but on the world’s best and most well know adult site, RedTube.

So join me on here every day as I bring you interviews, reviews, discussions and general conversations about everything that’s going on here at RedTube. I’ll introduce you to the stars of your favourite videos as we get up close and personal in my face to face interviews, and I will give you some tips on the best stuff I have seen out there.

I also need you to help me with this blog as much as you can, reply and comment on my blog, take part in the polls, suggest what you want to read and see more of, and most of all, tell me what you think!

And now go watch some wicked porn…

To contact me use the contact form and select Message for Allan Lake.


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    29 May 2014 at 8:09 pm


    offro come articolista, sono in grado:

    1) titolo, seo ,meta descrizione, aggiungere tag…
    2) riesco a fare 100\200 video al giorno (record personale)
    3) 0,75,80 euro a video

    Grazie mille e complimenti per il sito vaeramente fatto bene


    I offer as a columnist, I can:

    1) the title, seo, meta description, add tags …
    2) I can do 100 \ 200 videos per day (personal record)
    3) 0.75 \ € 0.80 per video

    Thank you and congratulations for the site vaeramente done well

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