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Check Out Our New HD Category

To better improve your hunt for Faptastic videos we at have decided to add a brand new option to the Category page. That new category is HD porn, which will automatically filter and display the best quality videos available on the ...
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Pornstar of the Month: Asa Akira

You may have heard of her…who are we kidding of course you have. Her name is Asa Akira and she is without a doubt the most popular Japanese-American pornstar in the world.  The 5’2, 106 pound babe is a little ...
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Why You Shouldn’t Use AdBlock

We get it. You don’t like ads. Who does? We would like to explain why these advertisements are a key factor in the function of Redtube. The content provided to our users is free to view. In order to provide ...

New Feature: You can now Reply to User Comments

You may have noticed something different on Redtube this week. We have now launched a Threaded comments feature to the website.  As displayed in the photo above this new feature will allow users to reply to other comments made on a video.  A “Thumbs Up” button ...

May is National Masturbation Month!

Yes, it’s a real thing! National Masturbation month was created in San Francisco in 1995 as a response to the forced resignation of the U.S. Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders.  Mrs. Elders was forced to resign from her position after a speech she ...