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Spaced Out on Alien Porn

On July 22, the much anticipated Star Trek Beyond was released in theaters. There have been various Star Trek porn parodies over the years, so we checked to see if news of the movie had any effect on RedTube searches. We found that searches ...
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The Meaning of Independence Day

Independence Day. Not just a day to remember Jeff Goldblum’s super sexy victory walk at the end of a mediocre sci-fi film. It is the day the 13 American colonies turned to the British Empire and said “you’re not my ...
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New Channel: Daughter Swap

Father’s Day is here and boy do we have a treat for all you hot daddies this year!  We are pleased to announce the launch of another faptastic channel on RedTube.  This one is called “Daughter Swap“.  Every girl wishes ...
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Trans Porn in Brazil

After having dug deep into the regular viewing habits of Brazilians on RedTube, revealing some rather cheeky carnival trends and witnessing an incredible drop in traffic from the Dilma impeachment, RedTube’s statisticians decided to continue their exploration of sexy Brazilian ...
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Brasileirinhas Now On Redtube

It’s that time again and we are proud to announce the launch of a new channel on Redtube: Brasileirinhas.  The Brasileirinhas is the ultimate close contact reality show featuring some of the sexiest ladies Brazil has to offer.  With the brasileirinhas  roster of ...
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Trans Porn In the USA

The rights of transgender people has been a hot topic in the United States over the last few months with several states passing laws that affect the day-to-day lives of transgender people. However, the argument over bathroom doors hasn’t changed ...