When pornos go wrong! Some Kinky Bloopers!

Time for another blog’adoodle… (that’s my affection name I use for my blogs on RedTube… my affection name for my penis is King Kong). Today I’ve got some video action for you, remember a few weeks ago we did Kink ...

Kinky Porn Bloopers in our kinkiest week ever!

All this week is ‘Kinky Porn Week’ on the RedTube blog as we continue to celebrate everything that is kinky with our buddies over at! So yesterday we posted you some lesbian outtakes, now it’s time for some kinky ...

Porn Bloopers – One word… FUNNY!

Get ready to laugh your fucking ass off as I’ve found some more porn fuck ups that will put a big smile on your face. The best thing is, none of these are disgusting… IE. no shitting, no pissing or ...